The Detoxifying One


Our activated charcoal soap is formulated to help gently exfoliate and purify troubled skin. The combination of tea tree and geranium essential oils add both anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce any impurities on the skin.

Net. Wt. 5oz.


Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Castor Oil, Distilled Water, *Sodium Hydroxide, Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, White Kaolin Clay. 

*none of which remains in the final product. 


Create a lather under water and use on face and/or body. Rinse thoroughly.

Store in a dry place to ensure longevity.

Handcrafted in London.